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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Buy Colored Contacts Lens

No matter if you need prescription colored contacts or non prescription, you will need to visit your eye doctor before attempting to purchase them. This is because your eye doctor will need to insure the health of your eyes and size your eyes. Once they do this, though, do not purchase your colored contacts there. In fact, unless they are having some really great sale, it’s not even worth stopping after you get that prescription.

Instead, take your prescription for colored contacts and go on the web. The retailers on the web can often offer you the lowest prices on contact lenses period. They do this because they specialize in it. They will likely have the most unique selection of contacts to select from, if that is what you are looking for. Or, they will have the perfect color combination for your needs. With so many to select from, it may take you a bit of time to determine which the best is for you.

When looking for and purchasing colored contacts on the web, you should consider several things. You should always purchase them from reputable dealers. You should take the time necessary to determine which of these dealers is offering you the lowest price. And, you should insure that they are offering some sort of guarantee for your needs as well. The guarantee should provide for the quality of the colored contacts. That is, if you find that something is wrong with them or that they are not fresh but poor quality, you should be able to get your money back or get a new pair.

Some online websites will offer you color contact samples to help you to find the best color for your needs. This can be very handy when you will be purchasing colored contacts that will change the color of your eye from light to dark or dark to light. Also, if you would like just a subtle change, go for a colored contact that offers to enhance you eye color instead of just changing it. Some people will have trouble with going from a dark colored eye color to that of a light. These free samples and guarantees can help you to get the best possible product without the cost of large investments.

Anyone that is in the market for colored contacts should consider the wide range of products they have available to them. Take your time to find the right location to purchase them from. Then, make sure that you shop around at least a bit to find the lowest price on them. Then, you will have the eye color that you want and need and the very best product to provide this to you.


Lasik Surgery Risk

The complications of LASIK surgery can include the following: Dry eyes, over or under correction, visual acuity fluctuation, halos or starbursts around light sources at night, light sensitivity, double vision, wrinkles in the flap, striation, decentered ablation, debris or growth under the flap, induced astigmatism. These complications are classified according to whether they arise in the preoperative procedures, the procedure itself, or after the operation either early on or later.

Each of the complications is unique unto itself, and it is important to remember that LASIK surgery is irreversible should nay of the complications occur. May of the complications such as halos and ghosts are not tested by standard eye tests, and need to be accounted for separately.

Over and under correction are the result of the surgeon incorrectly estimating the concentration that needs to be applied during the surgery. Many risks of LASIK surgery can also be increased by phenomena that may not have occurred to the patient, such as racial origin and environmental occurrences.

Improperly formed flaps can lead to an irregular surface and vision defects as the flap fails to properly adhere to the surface of the eye. This condition can be corrected with further surgery, although the costs will usually continue to accrue and sometimes a decrease in visual acuity. A flap that is too thick can also weaken the eye’s surface and result in bulging. Some patients have a condition that already makes them conducive to bulging, and thus are rejected as candidates for LASIK surgery.

As LASIK surgery become more an more commonplace, the risks and recovery times are becoming less common and pronounced. As with nay surgery, and especially those with cosmetic implications, LASIK is becoming increasingly popular. As people sense the money to be made in practicing the procedure, the risk of employing a surgeon who is not versed or experienced enough in the procedure also increases. Make sure to discuss LASIK surgery with your ophthalmologist before undergoing the procedure, to determine if you are eligible and also to suggest a list of surgeons who practice the procedure in your area. Make sure to contact other patients that have undergone the surgery by the particular surgeon you are thinking about employing in order to gain some first hand knowledge about her practice and success rate. Also look into where the surgeon was educated and if she served under another surgeon before going out to do the procedure on her own. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to surgical procedures, and treatment for your eyes are no exception.


Know More About Cataract Surgery

When you look at something, light comes into your eye through the hole in the centre (the pupil) and passes through the lens to the back of the eyeball (the retina).The light is then changed into nerve signals that travel to your brain. Your brain tells you what the image is.

If the lens is cloudy, the image on the back of the eye will be blurred. It’s rather like looking through a dirty windscreen or frosted glass.Different parts of the lens can become cloudy. Commonly cataracts begin as clouding around the edges of the lens.

You may notice that you get a lot of glare or a ‘halo’ effect around bright lights, or when the sun is low in the sky. If you drive you might find oncoming headlights more difficult to cope with than before. Cataracts can also affect the middle of the lens, which makes your vision foggy.As the cataract grows:your sight becomes blurry;you may have double vision;you may find it hard to tell the difference between some colours, especially shades of blue;you may see ‘halo’ effects around lights, especially at night.

Cataracts are common. About a third of people aged over 65 have cataracts in one or both eyes.Getting older and exposure to bright sunlight are the main reasons people get cataracts. Having diabetes, smoking and drinking too much alcohol may also increase your risk of cataracts.

A cataract operation can:help you see better and stop your poor sight interfering with your life. Not everyone with a cataract needs an operation. Doctors usually suggest the operation when your cataract interferes with your daily life rather than when your eyesight reaches a particular score on a sight test.Your cataract may mean you can’t see well enough to read, work, play a sport, go shopping or drive a car.

Some people manage with their cataract for longer than others because their poorer sight does not affect them much. For example, a person who loves bird-watching may decide they need treatment before a person whose main hobby is listening to music.In the past, people were advised that their cataract had to be ‘ripe’ (very bad) before it was worth having an operation.

This is because cataract surgery was a big operation that took a long time to recover from, and the artificial lenses used then were not very good. Now, with safer, quicker operations, cataracts are generally removed earlier, before they cause serious problems. And modern lenses are better.

Sometimes a cataract should be removed even if it does not cause problems with your sight. This is because there is another eye problem that needs treating and the cataract is in the way. Examples of other eye problems are diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.They are problems with the blood vessels in the eye.If you have cataracts in both eyes, it’s normal to do them one eye at a time, usually a couple of months or more apart. This is because the treated eye can be sore and needs to settle down for a while.

A cataract operation usually lasts about 10 minutes to 20 minutes. You should be able to go home the same day. You may know someone who has stayed overnight after their cataract operation. People usually only stay in hospital if they have problems after their operation, if they have other eye diseases (glaucoma, for example) or other medical problems that doctors need to check.

For most people it’s as safe to be at home as it is to stay in hospital, and most people prefer to be in familiar surroundings.At hospitals that are very experienced in doing cataract surgery, you may be in and out of the hospital within 90 minutes.


Simple Eye Care Tips

Cucumbers, potatoes and salt are usually available and ready to use in your kitchen, so why don’t you use those to enhance your eyes’ beauty? You can crush cucumbers and potatoes together, then dip a piece of cotton into that mixture and put the cotton piece on your eyelids for about 15 minutes. After that gently wash your eyelids with water and your eyes will become fresh again.

Another tip to maintain pure-looking eyes is using salt. Put a little salt into a water tub and wash your eyes everyday with that liquid. This method will help your eyes look bright and pure.

If your eyes get swollen, a fast way to help reduce the redness is to put a clean spoon into the fridge and then gently press that spoon onto the redness for some minutes. This is a simple but very effective and fast way. However, if you have more time, you can put some crushed potato into the fridge and then put that potato onto the redness.

Dark rings around your eyes can be another problem. If you have some coconut oil, use it to rub around your eyes for about 5 minutes a day. It will help reduce the dark rings gradually. In addition, there is another simpler way to deal with those dark rings. You can dip a piece of cotton into some cold milk and lay that cotton piece over the dark rings. Dark rings cannot disappear overnight, it takes some time to get rid of this problem so please, be patient and you will get your expected results!