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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Don’t Let Depression Kill YOU and Your BUSINESS— How Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Worry

In his bestseller –How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie points out that “Business owners who don’t learn how to fight WORRY die young.” And goes ahead to explain that when everyone is telling you everything else you need to know to succeed in business, no one is talking about worry— a deadly disease killing most business and their owners.

It takes a lot of courage and optimism to be a Small business owner or an entrepreneur. After coming up with a new idea you have to implement it. This entire process is risk taking to see if your fresh idea can turn out successful or fail. As you struggle to move forward confidently, you often torture yourself by reflecting on previous mistakes. At times you even think of what you haven’t achieved, and begin comparing your current state versus where you feel you should be by now.

It’s true that small business owners and entrepreneurs often face sad moments and depression. But currently more and more are fighting depression and eliminating both stereotype and stigma

Discover a few inspiring thoughts you can use to get back on your feet when you’re down in the dumps

  1. Everybody feels depressed at one time or another, never think you are solo.
  1. Don’t try to hide your despair; it helps to admit your feelings. And when you share these hard times with the people you trust, you not only get support but also help them realize that they are never alone too.
  1. Whatever you are going through is temporary. One unpaid merchant loan shouldn’t drain you of your energy. As Dale Carnegie puts it, “don’t let the beetles get you down.” A problem is only as big as you make it look.
  1. Always remember there’s a superior power watching over you. Let’s admit it; everyone needs religion, spirituality and prayer. And this thought often strikes best during the blues.
  1. Entrepreneurship, like pretty much everything in life has its highs and lows…and without the lows we cannot fully appreciate the good times.
  1. Your personality is best defined by how you deal with hard times, and not success.
  1. Tough times are often a stepping stone to future victory.
  1. A positive mindset can help you change your focus to solving the problem rather than grieving over it.

Author Bio

Business Funding expert, Nathan Hale, founded First American Merchant with his eyes set on helping the backbone of our country, small business owners. His passions include writing/producing music, and travel. First American Merchant is America’s Best merchant loans company, serving both traditional and high-risk Businesses.